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Virtual Guitar Game Online

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About The Game

The game features an electric guitar which sustains each note for a few seconds before fading out. There is also a panel on the top part of the screen which features a number of different musical patterns, such as major scales, minor scales, etc. By selecting any of these, you will be prompted to choose a key for the pattern, and after your selection, the guitar will show all of the finger arrangements on each fret for your replication on a real life guitar. Otherwise, you can practice with the virtual electric guitar in the game.


Virtual guitar has very basic controls only involving your right click button and cursor. To strum a string, simply drag your cursor over the desired fret and string and right click. The same goes for selecting the type of musical pattern you wish to demonstrate. Simply drag your cursor over the text and click.


You can select musical patterns involving all the keys on the menu displayed above the electric guitar. After selecting a music pattern, the key that it will be in, and the form, the game will display all of the notes in accordance to the string it is on and the fret. Furthermore, the game will walk you through each musical pattern by highlighting the notes in succession after they have been played. On the bottom part of the screen is a listing of all the notes from A to G, including their flats and sharps. By selecting any of these notes, you will automatically highlight their location on the strings and frets of the electric guitar.

There is also a small box on the left part of your screen which you can drag over the neck of the guitar. By doing so, you isolate the notes within the box for specific review. By tapping on the “R” beneath the box, you will you can extend the box further to the right. The same goes with tapping the “L” button which will shrink the box by bringing in the far right edge in towards the left. By pressing the red “X”, you can close the isolation box, therefore removing it from the neck of the guitar. If you wish to use the isolation box again, simply click on the small box icon on the left part of the screen to reactivate it.

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